Major Achievements(1)

d3downunder.com Some of Pablo Picasso's works are classified into two distinct periods:
Cubism Ewas a style of painting Picasso revolutionized at the beginning of the 20 th Century, along with another artist, George Braque. Using Braque's technique, the subject is broken down, analyzed and put together in an abstract way. It became very popular in 1910 and many artist after that have developed their own cubism techniques, paving the way for a cubism movement which extended to other styles like expressionism, surrealism and futurism .
Guernica Eis Pablo Picasso's most famous art work. This painting was a protest against the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil war. The painting depicted suffering, inhumanity, the cruelty of war and the hopelessness of the human race. The black and white canvass intensified Picasso's emotion into the painting even further.
The painting was exhibited in New York 's Museum of Modern Art in 1981 and was transferred to Madrid , Spain thereafter.
A tapestry copy of the painting serves as backdrop in the United Nation's Security Council office in New York City to remind everyone of the horrors of war.

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