d3downunder.com Born in October 25, 1881 , in Malaga Spain , Pablo Ruiz Picasso came from a wealthy family. His father, Jose, was an art instructor who did not have to work until the age of 37. His mother, Maria, was of Andalusian ancestry, which influenced a big part of Picasso's attitude towards women. Picasso as an adult in later life had several affairs with women, as his love for them was as passionate as his love for art.
Historians suggest that Picasso's artistic inclinations began at a very early age when as a child, he was rather visual than verbal. Young Pablo Picasso would draw spirals and sketches resembling churros (Spanish pastry) to indicate what he wanted.
In 1895, Picasso was studying at the Fine Arts School in Barcelona , his younger sister Conchita succumb to diphtheria. Before her sister's death he vowed to never paint again, if she be cured. His paintings after Conchita died depicted the subject of a dying girl, reflecting his relationship with his sister.
Picasso's father tried to influence his paintings by introducing him towards religious art. But in 1897, the painter wanted to become a Modern artist. Before embarking on Cubism, which he co-founded with fellow artist George Braque, Picasso first dabbled in realism and caricature He was also into ceramic art, bronze sculpture and poetry.
He died at the age of 91 in April 9, 1973 .
The Guinness Book of Records calls him the most prolific painter ever, with 13,500 paintings, 300 sculptures and 34,000 book illustrations to his name.
His estate was valued at $750 Million at the time of his death.